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This real estate marketing guide will show you the best practices to generate free real estate leads using video. These real estate videos can be used to generate leads on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is important since 37% of buyers reported using online video sites during their home search journey.

Why Real Estate Agents Need to do Video Marketing?

Recent Facebook marketing research “Real Estate Trends & Insights” recommended video. Here’s why:

69% of real estate agents are using Facebook to generate real estate leads. 86% of prospective homebuyers use video Video ads are 2X more likely to create an emotional response 74% of people visit Facebook daily Other more specific real state marketing stats beyond Facebook.

Real Estate Video Stats

  • 54% watch video to obtain general real estate information

  • 37% of home buyers search online videos (2019 NAR research)

  • 56% find video very useful in the home search process

  • 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with real estate who use video

  • Social video posts get shared 1,200% more than text & images


When it comes to video content for real estate there are two primary video types.

1. Real Estate Related Videos

This type of marketing video content can be reused in many ways since it is always timely. You should focus on creating a library of evergreen real estate videos for every step of the buyer and seller journey.

You can then use the real estate videos to build a real estate lead funnel. This content is used to identify target audiences.

These videos would include the following:

  • Community Video

  • How-to videos

  • Testimonial videos

  • Brand / culture videos

You can also use the real estate listing videos as offers for your other marketing to develop relationships with referral partners and businesses.

An example is to highlight a local divorce attorney who can then refer your business.

2. Property or Listing Videos

These videos have a shorter lifespan since properties sell quickly. You can repurpose these listing videos as part of your listing presentations. Use these past videos in your listing presentations to help you win new listings. These videos will generate more immediate buyer and seller inquiries.


If you're in a hot market, hopefully there will be a local Media Solutions Company that doesn't offer Videography but CINEMATOGRAPHY (Wink, Wink)

You may be wondering what the difference is between standard videography and cinematography - and we'd love to explain. In today's world, it is easy to get your hands on an economical camera that will put out decent work and yet don't be fooled - simply because someone offers 4K video doesn't mean the quality is going to be top of the line and truly make your brand stand apart from the competiton.

When your listing hits the market - we want it to hit with a BANG and have ALL EYES ON YOU.

Simply put, Listing Cinematography brings audio and video together to creat an immersive experience that invokes emotions, enticing buyer to fall in love with thier new home. While most videos blantly show the property, we help SELL your listings by mastering our craft and years of dedication of sharpening our skills. We pride ourselves on having 20+ years of experience in the Cinematograhpy industry - Here is an example below.


If you're looking to make economical marketing videos from home - you do not necessarily need to hire a media professional depending on the content and quality you are wanting to put out. If you are looking to learn how to produce these videos yourself and have them looking great - check out our other blog post "How to Create Stunning Marketing Videos from Home"


Coming Soon Listing Video

  • Target Audience: Active homebuyers

  • Scene: Start with a shot of your real estate sign for branding and contact information then focus on you walking to the front door. Stop at the front door to open a curiosity loop.

  • Script: Open with a description of home, price, details but don’t give full address. Use curiosity to get the address as your call to action.

  • Call to Action: “Get notified of first available showings…”

Open House Video

  • Target Audience: Early-stage active homebuyers (possible neighbors thinking of selling)

  • Scene: Start shot focused on open house signs to build familiarity for people. Switch camera to you and describe the open house, giving hours.

  • Script: Short description of the house, sharing price, location, open house hours.

  • Call to Action: “Get open house details now…”*

Listing Video Walkthrough

  • Target Audience: Active in-market homebuyers

  • Scene: Start walking towards your yard sign giving a quick street view, focus on the sign, and then walk into the home.

  • Script: Do a walkthrough narrating the details of the home as you go from room to room, ending with price and call to action.

  • Call to Action: “Interested in this home or any others, contact me to schedule same-day private showings…”

(One of the) Highest Priced Home in City

  • Target Audience: Luxury buyers and aspirational early-stage homebuyers

  • Scene: Street view with a home in the background.

  • Script: “I’m standing in front of the highest-priced listing in _.” and go into details about the listing and other high-end home listing details.

  • Call to Action: “Request a list of luxury homes in ….” (if applicable mention that you have off-market / coming soon’s in your list)*

(One of the) Lowest Price Listing in the City

  • Target Audience: First-time homebuyers and investors

  • Scene: Street view of the home in the background.

  • Script: “If you are a first-time buyer or investor here’s currently the lowest priced listing in __.” Give details of price and what the down payment and mortgage payments would be using FHA 3.5% down mortgage.

  • Call to Action: “Learn how much your current rent payment would allow you to afford…”

Just Sold Listing

  • Target Audience: Local Sellers

  • Scene: Front of your just sold listing

  • Script: Talk about how you just sold this listing in _ days and the number of offers received. Highlight activity and demand in the neighborhood.

  • Call to Action: “Interested in learning the final price of this listing or one in your neighborhood…”*

New Home Development Details

  • Target Audience: Move up buyers (who may also have a home they will need to sell)

  • Scene: Driving or walking around new development(s). This can be a compilation of each new development into one big video or smaller videos for each community.

  • Script: Open with the name of community, location and then go into descriptions of homes and price ranges. End with the benefit of using an agent to buy a new home, especially if they need to sell a home to buy the next one.

  • Call to Action: “If you are thinking of buying a new home, learn how to negotiate the best deal on new construction, and save if selling a home…”*

Using these video content ideas for your real estate marketing, you'll identify buyers in every price range.


86% of home shoppers watch community videos, making them the most-watched type of real estate related videos. Create a large library of these community videos to become the digital mayor.

Some of these videos will focus on your knowledge of the local real estate market. This is one of the most important qualities buyers and sellers seek when selecting an agent.

Neighborhood / Community Video

  • Target Audience: Homebuyers

  • Scene: Standing in front of primary city sign or landmark so scrolling users recognize the city/community.

  • Script: Discuss community type and housing details like average price ranges, size, total homes in the community, etc.

  • Call to Action: “Request a detailed _ estate market report”

Highrise Building / Condo Communities

  • Target Audience: First-time buyers, move up or move down buyers

  • Scene: Standing in front of the main sign with the name of the building.

  • Script: “Are you thinking of buying or selling in (building/project name).” Go into details about total units, price ranges, HOA, amenities, unit size, etc. Share knowledge about the building or community.

  • Call to Action: “Get a free detailed report of available listings and past sales in _

55+ Senior Communities

  • Target Audience: Downsizing seniors who may have a home to sell

  • Scene: Start in front of the signage of the community entrance interview style with the community manager.

  • Script: Interview style with the community manager. Discuss community amenities and property details including marketing conditions.

  • Call to Action: “If you’d like to learn more about moving into a senior community, call/text/email…”*

Airbnb Rental Rules

  • Target Audience: Real estate investors

  • Scene: Front of city welcome sign

  • Script: “Are you interested in Airbnb rentals in _.” Discuss rental income, local rules, etc. about owning a rental a property via Airbnb.

  • Call to Action: “If you are looking at buying an investment property in _ …”*

Dog parks

  • Target Audience: 9% of people bought a new home because of pets.

  • Scene: Front of signage of the dog park ideally during the event or busy time.

  • Script: Talk about events, training that is happening at the dog park.

  • Call to Action: “If you are looking to move to a pet-friendly community or home…”

City Parks

  • Target Audience: Connect with younger families who may buy larger homes

  • Scene: Front of park signage

  • Script: Talk about the park amenities for kids parties, events, and sports if applicable. Gather contact information about the park.

  • Call to Action: “If you have a growing family and to buy or sell in _ “*


  • Target Audience: Younger parents who may be first time buyers or move-up buyers

  • Scene: Front of school signage

  • Script: Interview the school principal talking about the school details, registration, etc.

  • Call to Action: “If you want to learn more about moving into the boundary areas to attend __ school…”*

Day Care

  • Target Audience: Younger parents, possibly first time home buyers

  • Scene: Front of a kid's daycare center.

  • Script: Interview style of daycare business owner discussing admittance, prices, etc.

  • Call to Action: “If you have a growing family…”*

Local Kids Sports

  • Scene: Front of kids sports location (can be AYSO, baseball, etc or private businesses like karate, dance, cheer, etc.)

  • Script: Share details of registration, dates, times, cost, etc. It can be done as an interview with the local business owner.

  • Call to Action: “Contact me for a free list of all kids’ activities in…”*

Swim Schools

  • Target Audience: Younger families, first-time buyers or move-up buyers

  • Scene: Local swim school location (public or private)

  • Script: Share details about the swim school in an interview format with the manager or a business owner. Attempt to get a discount code to share with viewers.

  • Call to Action: “Get your free discount coupon today…”*

Senior Care Homes

  • Target Audience: Move down seniors (or their kids helping them)

  • Scene: Front of the senior care home.

  • Script: Interview style with management sharing home details.

  • Call to Action: “Contact me for a free list of all senior care homes in the area…”*

Reoccurring / Seasonal Community Events

  • Target Audience: Everyone in the city

  • Scene: Location of the event like a farmers market, art walks, movies in the park, car shows, etc.

  • Script: “Today we are at (event name) in (city). This is a ….”.

  • Share details of the event. It can also be an interview of attendees and vendors at the event. Call to Action: “Request our free list of all events in…”*


Home Improvement Tips

  • Target Audience: Existing homeowners who may be thinking of selling

  • Scene: Front of your own listing with sign in the background for branding.

  • Script: “Best home improvements to make if you are thinking of selling your home…”

  • Call to Action: “Get our free home seller checklist…”

Mistakes to Avoid Buying or Selling Real Estate

  • Target Audience: Home buyers and sellers

  • Scene: Front of a listing with a yard sign in the background (branding) or in or in front of your office.

  • Script: “Avoid these common mistakes if you are thinking of buying a home…”

  • Call to Action: “Get our free guide on buying/selling a home…”

Review of a Real Estate Listing Agreement

  • Target Audience: Home sellers

  • Scene: In your office.

  • Script: “Thinking of selling your home? Learn the important details of the listing agreement to avoid making expensive mistakes…”

  • Call to Action: “Request a copy of blank real estate listing agreement…”

Review of the Real Estate Purchase Contract

  • Target Audience: Homebuyers

  • Scene: In your office.

  • Script: “Buying a home? Learn the important negotiation clauses of the real estate purchase contract…”

  • Call to Action: “Get a copy of the blank purchase contract to review…”

Buying a Condo? What is HOA?

  • Target Audience: Condo buyers

  • Scene: In front of the signage of the largest local condo project.

  • Script: “Thinking of buying a condo? Learn what an HOA is and how it impacts you…”

  • Call to Action: “Get a free guide to understanding HOA’s” Get a free non-branded lead magnet HOA guide now.

Text ‘HOA Guide‘ to (855) 341-3555

Renting vs. Owning

  • Target Audience: Renters to buyers

  • Scene: In your office or in front of your sign at a listing where the mortgage payment is equal to normal rent payments. Local cost comparison to buy a vs rent the same 3/2 home in the area.

  • Script: “Compare renting vs. owning a home in _(city)…” Give an example of normal rent payments and how much that translates to a mortgage amount assuming minimum down payment.

  • Call to Action: “If you are currently renting, let us show you how much you can afford with a free list of houses in the same range”

Client Stories

  • Target Audience: Buyers and sellers who have the same story

  • Scene: In armchair like you were telling a story to a friend at a party.

  • Script: “I want to share a story about a client I just helped (buy/sell) a home who thought they couldn’t because of (job/divorce/foreclosure/bankruptcy / etc)…” Give all the details why they thought they couldn’t and the solutions you provided to help them.

  • Call to Action: “If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, please feel free to reach out to learn how I can help..”

What is a Contingent Offer

  • Target Audience: Move up sellers buying another home

  • Scene: Office

  • Script: “Many home buyers need to sell a home to buy another home. This is called a contingent offer and is one of the most difficult yet common transactions… “. Share how you help ensure a smooth transaction and best practices.

  • Call to Action: “If you need to sell a home to buy another, contact me for a free consultation..”


  • Target Audience: Kids or spouses of a deceased person for listings or buyers looking for deals.

  • Scene: Office or partner attorney office interview -Script: Interview attorney talking about the timeline of probate, listing the home and closing the transaction.

  • Call to Action: “If you know someone who needs help with a probate sell, contact me…”

Buying after Foreclosure

  • Target Audience: 2nd time home buyers

  • Scene: Office or front of listing with yard sign interview with your lender.

  • Script: “Did you know you can buy a home after a previous foreclosure in as little as…” Have a conversation with the details and timelines of buying after a foreclosure.

  • Call to Action: “If you or someone you know has had a past foreclosure and want to learn if you can buy now, contact me…”

Buying after Bankruptcy

  • Target Audience: Homebuyers with previous bankruptcies

  • Scene: Interview with a bankruptcy attorney or mortgage lender.

  • Script: “Do you or someone you know have a past bankruptcy? Did you know you can buy a home in as little as…”. Go into details about timelines and requirements to buy after a bankruptcy.

  • Call to Action: “Do you or someone you know have a previous bankruptcy who may now be ready to buy a home again…”

Buying after Divorce

  • Target Audience: Homebuyers in a current divorce or past divorce

  • Scene: Office or Interview with Divorce Attorney

  • Script: “Learn the in’s and out’s of buying a home after divorce…”

  • Call to Action: “If you know someone who is going thru a divorce and may want to buy home…”

Tax Consequences of Selling

  • Target Audience: Home Sellers

  • Scene: Office interview with CPA / Accountant

  • Script: “Are you thinking of selling your home or investment property? Today I’m speaking with…”

  • Call to Action: “If you’d like to learn more about selling your home…”

What is a Short Sale

  • Target Audience: Sellers needing short sales or buyers of short sale properties

  • Scene: In-office

  • Script: “Do you owe more than your home is worth? Are you thinking about buying a short sale property? Learn…” Call to Action: “If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about real estate short sales…”

Buying owner-occupied 2-4 Units

  • Target Audience: First-time buyer and real estate investors

  • Scene: In front of your signage or a 2-4 unit property

  • Script: “Did you know you can buy an income-producing property with as little as 3.5% down using FHA…”

  • Call to Action: “If you or someone you know if looking to buy investment property…”

Home Inspection

  • Target Audience: Homebuyers (also sellers looking to prepare home)

  • Scene: At a listing or in office

  • Script: “If you are buying a home soon, learn what to look for during your walk-through home inspection…”

  • Call to Action: “Get our free home inspection checklist…”

Special Financing Programs

  • Target Audience: First time home buyers

  • Scene: Interview with your mortgage lender

  • Script: “Did you know about the __ program to help homebuyers? Today I’m speaking with…”

  • Call to Action: “If you are thinking about buying a home in the next 90 days, learn if you can use the….”

Using a Gift to Buy a Home

  • Target Audience: First time home buyers

  • Scene: Interview with lender partner or front of real estate listing with sign.

  • Script: “Did you know you can use a gift as the down payment to buy a home? Today, we’ll talk about the correct way to use a gift…”

  • Call to Action: “If you are thinking of getting a gift to buy a home, contact me…”

Rental Property Rules

-Target Audience: Real estate investors

- Scene: In front of listing or in office

- Script: “Looking to own rental property? Learn some of the important facts of being a landlord…”

- Call to Action: “If you or someone you know is thinking about buying investment property…”


“Real Estate Market” is one of the top real estate related search terms.

These real estate market videos should be done regularly as consumers are always curious about “How’s the market?”

Below is an example of data from Altos Research. If you click on the report, you can signup to receive this real estate marketing data personalized to the zip code that you can use for your own videos. Just enter your market in the search box and subscribe.

Click on the report above to sign up for your local report above and then simply repeat the real estate market data research on video.

Real Estate Market Update Videos

  • Target Audience: In-market buyers and sellers

  • Scene: Office or Welcome to City sign

  • Script: “Here’s a quick real estate market update for __.” Go into details of market stats, dom, inventory, highest price, lowest price, etc.

  • Call to Action: Call/text for a personalized report (or if using – add them to the email list)

Rental Market Update

  • Target Audience: Investors and first-time buyers

  • Scene: In your office or front of city signage

  • Script: Talk about average rental rates for property types (SFR, Condo, Townhomes, PUD) and what rental payment translates to purchasing power.

  • Call to Action: “Learn how much you can buy for the same amount of your current rental payment…”

Mortgage Rates / Program Updates

  • Target Audience: Active homebuyers and possible refinance clients

  • Scene: Office / Lenders Office interview style

  • Script: Interview mortgage lender and talk about rates, rate changes, and how much average mortgage payment is for avg. priced home in the area.

  • Call to Action: “Request a free mortgage consultation to learn how much you can afford to buy…”


The goal of doing real estate videos is to get real estate leads. The most motivated homebuyers and sellers will call.

Below is the National Association of Realtors data. It shows the 8 top ways consumers first contact the agent they selected to help them with a home purchase.

Here are ways you can capture leads from your real estate marketing videos.


Call to Action to a Call Capture Number

  • Setup a dedicated CallAction call capture number (or another service). You want a dedicated number as this will allow you to track leads generated from your real estate videos.

  • Give out the “Call to Action” to call or text you for more information about the subject of your video.

Text for Info Lead Capture

  • Set up a text for info service like CallAction. Tip: Use a long format phone number (not short code number) so the person who received information can call or text you directly.

  • Offer a “lead magnet” of information such as a checklist, guide, discount, or more information for viewers to request in the text for info solution.

  • Here’s a step by step guide on how to generate leads on Youtube specifically.

Calendly Link

  • Connect your calendar service to Calendly and post the link to your calendar on your posts or video descriptions. We like Calendly because of the mobile user interface and follow up email reminders.

  • You can send captured leads into CallAction to automate your lead follow up with drip campaigns and into your CRM

Website Lead Capture Form

  • Give out your website link or post the link in the video description or post. You can send the captured email leads into CallAction to automate the lead follow up.


Now that you have video marketing ideas, here are some other tips to help you get real estate leads and engagement from your videos.


Location. Location. Location. This is why we recommend you shot the videos at the most recognizable locations. Be sure to mention the city or location name in the video to get picked up in the transcriptions for SEO ranking purposes. The thumbnail image should be the front of the location to catch people’s attention while scrolling in video newsfeeds.


Facebook research shows that people will spend 3X more time watching a Facebook live video vs. a pre-recorded one.

Facebook live tips:

  • Shoot Facebook lives that introduce and share your longer pre-recorded videos.

  • Download your Facebook live videos and re-post onto other video platforms.


Here’s a list of places to share your real estate videos online:

  • Facebook & Facebook Ad

  • YouTube

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Vimeo

  • Linkedin

Each source has tips and tricks that we’ll cover at a later time.


The number one real estate coach in the world, Tom Ferry recommends video marketing to his real estate agents coaching clients like Kyle Whissel.


We have created a video marketing checklist that contains these real estate marketing ideas.


Would you like to learn more about videographpy and fimling with your mobile device? Shutter Zone Media offers virtual or in-person training to select brokerages on how to become the "everyday filmmaker". To learn more contact us at

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