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How to Create Stunning Videography from Home - The Everyday Filmmaker

This blog is here to assist you in creating great looking videos using only your mobile device. Our goal is to add more value to your business and help increase your leads, conversion and total revenue. We are much more than a Media Company, we are your business partner.

Shutter Zone Media offers this very information, in much more detail, to select brokerages Virtually or In-Person with a special hour long presentation. If you are interested in helping your agents grow their business through video, contact us at

The Everyday Filmmaker Overview:

  • Why is Video Beneficial?

  • When To Create Content

  • Smart Phone Settings

  • Filming Basics (Do's and Dont's)

  • Applications

  • Accessories

  • What Kind of Content to Create

  • How to Post Online with the Best Quality

  • Q&A

  1. Why Video?

a. Every day 75 Million people in the U.S. pick up their phones, tablets, or computers and watch online videos and merely even mentioning the word "Video" in an email subject line, the click-through rate increases by 13%. To say the least, video is important in today's market if you're wanting to reach your clintelle online.

b. People get to learn more about you and your business in a unique way. They get to hear your voice, see your body language and how you hold yourself. You get to protray your business in any way you want and utilize that abliity to build trust.

2. When to Create Content

a. Simple answer, ALL THE TIME! There is never a wrong time to create content and if you're not, START NOW. As time goes on we will continue to see a massive increase in the videography market and right now you are at the forefront of a new trend.

3. Smart Phone Settings

a. This isn't as complicated as it may sound - here are the settings you will need to change your phone to for the best quality

In your camera settings:

i. Set your phone to record video in 4K at 24 fps (frames per second)

ii. Turn on your "Grid"

iii. Record Sound in "Stereo"

b. With these settings executed properly, you can get footage up to par with some of the greatest cameras in the world simply using your mobile device. Check out this example from Parker Walbeck, comparing the (at the time new) Iphone7 to the $50,000 Red Cinema Camera

3. Filming Bascis:

a. Do's

i. Film Horizontally

ii. Use Natural or Controlled Lighting

iii. Use Two Hands for Stablizing your Device

iv. Use a Tripod if possible

v. Use a Microphone if possible

vi. Use the Grid for Composition

b. Dont's

i. Film Vertical

ii. Have Windows Behind You

iii. Zoom in Phone Camera

iv. Film in Low-Light Areas

v. Speak too far from Camera w/o Mic

vi. Use Flash on Phone as a Light

If you follow these basic fundamentals you are gaurenteed to end up with a great final product.

c. To help you with the above information, here is an image whcih shows good lighting vs. bad lighting. This will make a very big difference in the quality in your video and wether you look professional or like a newby.

d. You will notice on the right said of the image there are harsh shadows on his face - this is because he is using overhead lighting not natural or controlled lighting like you see on the left side of the image. On the left side, he is using a soft box light angled at his face on a 45 degree angle. This closer resembles the sun illuminating your face with proper skin tones and casting shadows to flatter your facial features.

4. Applications that you will need

a. Lumafusion

i. This program can be used right on your phone or tablet. It functions exactly as a professional editing software would on a computer. Cut, crop, add music, you name it - It can be done right on this app.

b. Filmic Pro

i. Filmic Pro is an app you will use to film your videos, instead of using your basic camera app on your phone. This app will allow you to get better video quality.

c. iMovie (iphone only)

i. iMovie is a free application from apple that you can use right on your iPhone, iPad, or iMac. It functions the same way as Lumafusion - just optimized for Apple users.

If you are not techsavy, the easiest thing to do is search google for how-to's or search YouTube on how to use these applications. You will find unlimited amounts of tutorials online.

5. Accessories

Our Smart Phone Video Kit consists of a variety of different items ranging from the begginer everyday filmmaker to the more advanced. Keep in mind if you are just starting out, your basic needs will only consist of a phone tripod, and phone mic - simple enough!

Everything you need to get set up with your new camera accessories can be found at this link - - - - Smart Phone Video Kit

6. Content Idea's

a. We recently published a blog post on videgraphy idea's and strategies for Realtors - View it here for loads of content / ideas and start filming today!

7. Social Media Upload Settings

a. When uploading videos to social media, you must have the correct upload settings or it may ruin the quality of the video once posted. Access your phones video and photo settings and make sure HD Upload is turned on.

8. Join the Everyday Fimmaker Group on Facebook!

a. This is a specific group made for Realtors with great content on how to further your business through videography. Join us for tips and tricks, more detailed settings and information. Search "The Everyday Filmmaker" on Facebook to join.

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