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An Open House ?! In A Pandemic !?

Yes! But don't worry! Shutter Zone Media has got you covered with a few helpful tips about your next open house.

Q: What precautions should be taken if an open house is held?

A: In accordance with guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the President (link is external), ensure that less than ten people are touring the home at any given time, and consider only allowing one buyer group to tour the home at a time. Be sure that guests maintain social distancing of six or more feet apart, and require potential buyers to wash their hands or to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer immediately upon entry and to remove shoes/cover footwear with booties. Also, be sure to check with your client before using any cleaning products, and recommend that your client disinfect their home after the open house, especially commonly touched areas like doorknobs and faucet handles.

Q: May I ask individuals whether they are sick or have recently traveled before touring the home?

A: Yes, you are never required to put yourself at risk in servicing a client, and it is reasonable to ask whether they are currently sick or have recently traveled. To avoid fair housing concerns, be sure to direct such questions to all potential buyers on an equal basis.

Q: Are open houses continuing to be held across the country?

A: Yes, however, a recent NAR survey showed that a large percentage of REALTORS® have suspended holding open houses. In the “2020 NAR Flash Survey: Economic Pulse”, conducted March 16-17, 2020, 40% of members nationally reported they suspended holding open houses. In geographic areas experiencing a significant COVID-19 outbreak, that number increased to 45% of members. Members have reported temporarily ceasing open houses in order to restrict traffic into listed homes, to practice social distancing, and to ensure potential buyers are taking recommended precautions. Members also reported limiting home tours to serious buyers only, leveraging a variety of technology tools at their disposal to continue conducting business.

Q: How else can I market a property?

A: With Shutter Zone Media of course! Here at Shutter Zone Media, we offer a variety of ways to help you market a property and get an offer without anyone stepping foot onto the property! With services such as our virtual staging, matterport 360 tours, high-quality drone cinematography, and even CLUTTER removal...the possibilities to market your home seem endless!

We look forward to helping you market your next listing!

- SZM Team

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